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Patient Concerns

Patient Education

We find that patients are more comfortable when they know what to expect on each step of a proposed treatment. We thoroughly discuss treatment options with you, as well as offer three-dimensional videos of all major periodontal and dental implant procedures. This software, has become a valuable aid in patient education.

Patient Safety

We fully adhere to professional standards of cleanliness, sterilization, and radiation control. Our staff are likewise knowledgeable on the latest techniques.


We know that preventing the spread of infectious diseases such as AIDS, herpes, hepatitis and even the cold virus is critical.

We use barrier techniques such as disposable masks and gloves and replace them with every new patient. Each piece of fixed operatory equipment is wiped-down with antibacterial solution prior to every clinical procedure. Sterile water delivery systems are utilized. We use autoclave sterilization for all instruments prior to dental examination and treatment. You can be assured that our staff have been specifically trained on sterilization procedures and their importance.


Patients with certain medical conditions (e.g. valvular heart conditions and artificial joints) may be asked to pre-medicate with antibiotics prior to treatment. We do this with your safety in mind. Please inform us if you have a condition that might require pre-medication.

Post Treatment Instructions

After treatment, home care and medication instructions will be thoroughly explained. For your convenience, you will also be given printed instructions. Of course, we are always available for questions after treatment and you will be given access to the Dr. Chandra mobile number.

Patient Comfort

We go to extraordinary lengths to ensure our patients are as comfortable as possible during dental procedures. For your comfort, each of our rooms has a large window. We also offer blankets and pillows in our operatories.

Special Equipment

We continually integrate proven technologies into our practice. Below is an introduction to some of the advanced equipment we use:

Digital X-Rays

Digital X-rays are taken with very low radiation, so they are safer for you. Digital X-rays are also provide clearer images and allow us to easily coordinate with your referring dentist.

Magnifier Loops

You may have seen a magnifier loop in a jewelry store when the jeweler was closely examining a diamond. Dental magnifier loops are made for periodontists to view your teeth and gums in minute detail during periodontal procedures. Dr. Chandra uses periodontal loops in many procedures to ensure more precise treatment.

3-D Imaging (CBCT):

We offer i-CAT cone beam technology which allows for highly detailed three-dimensional views of the teeth and jaws to be obtained, offering unique benefits compared to other traditional two-dimensional dental x-rays and considerably less radiation. This technology allows us to more precisely understand your clinical situation while delivering the best care and consideration for your oral health.


SimPlant is computer 3-D imaging software that enhances the overall success of your dental implant. 3-D imaging gives us a more complete picture of the quality and quantity of your bone support making it possible for us to better determine the ideal location for your dental implant. For more information, please visit the product website by clicking here.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

PRP techniques allow the periodontist to take advantage of the body’s natural processes to accelerate soft tissue healing and increase bone regeneration following various periodontal procedures. Platelets are applied directly to surgical wounds or grafts to accelerate and enhance the healing process

Piezoelectric Surgery

Pieziosurgery utilizes controlled three-dimensional ultrasonic vibration to precisely shape bone, but not the soft tissues. This technique is ideal for delicate procedures, such as periodontal surgery, bone augmentation and sinus grafts. Increased safety, visibility, precision, faster healing and more comfort for the patient are just few of the advantages.

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